dav-5The concluding ceremony of annual sports meet of DAV International School Kharghar was held, where prizes were distributed to students who performed well in various sports activities while other children left everyone spellbound with beautiful performance, reports Vrushali Chitre. The concluding day of the sports meet of DAV International School Kharghar, was celebrated with great gusto. The ceremony began with the torch lighting by the students followed by march-past, in which children presented their explicit capabilities with the perfect synchronization of hands and legs. The sports festival began 15 days back and on the concluding day, prizes were distributed to the winners in various events held. The sports included games like 100 meters and 50 meters dash race for boys and girls, relay for boys and girls, short put and mini marathon. Even the teachers were given an opportunity to participate in the sports event. A brisk walking competition was conducted for them, while 100 meters race was held for male teachers. One of the distinct features of the annual sports festival was that a 200 meters dash race for males and brisk walking competition for women ancillary staff was also arranged. The concluding ceremony of the annual sports meet was graced by DAV Group’s Regional Director Dr. K B Kushal and Vice President of DAV College Managing Committee Usha Nair. One of the highlights from the students’ performances included the popular number and a dance performance from Chak De India. Later on, a demonstration of famous martial arts form, Taekwondo, was displayed by the students. Girls of the school gave a traditional touch to the ceremony with their lejhim performance Speaking to NMTV News, DAV Group’s Regional Director Dr. K B Kushal shared the importance of sports and appreciated the efforts taken by school management. Appreciating the performance of students, Vice President of DAV College Managing Committee Usha Nayar, said that the students have genuinely participated in the festival. The children too were happy that they participated in the program and receiving encouragement from their teachers. The principal of the school expressed her happiness over 100% participation of the students. With cameraperson Raju Sharma, Vrushali Chitre for NMTV News.

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