With the Ganpati celebrations coming to an end following the tenth day immersions, the city is again through mixed emotions. The most popular festival of the state was undoubtedly executed in the best of ways in Navi Mumbai. Whether it was the work of the mandals, the police or the people only positive energies were seen. Ganpati Chaturthi this year can be called one of the best. One reason for this is that the executions seen this year from all sides of the participants have been focused on the fact that the fun and prayers were safe in every way possible. The vigilance by police was exact and considered every point that would have made a difference to the scene. The alertness with the joy was also seen in the case of the mandals and organisers who took all the measures possible to make the immersion processions as peaceful and safe as possible. As the festival ends we bring to you a few more glimpses of the festival from round the city. Even the people were very energetic throughout the celebration of the festival but the very act of their favourite pot-bellied deity leaving them also made the crowds sad. The ending of Ganpati in the city was indeed like the ending of a festival. All chanting and prayers nonetheless, ended requesting Ganesh to come next year as well and the city has once again something to look forward to.

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