green-hope2Come Sunday, and the city is all set to go green as Navi Mumbai is will witness the biggest annual greening drive. City NGO Green Hope, for the second year in a row is organizing a major tree plantation drive where in 2 lacs trees will be planted across Navi Mumbai. NMTV News appeals Navi Mumbai to join Green Hope’s Greening Drive to save nature for the future. Humankind has an obligation to put right the damage we’ve caused, and evidence suggests the planet has a remarkable ability to heal, if we give it a helping hand. Planting trees is seen as one of the most important things the average man in the street can do, because of its environmental impact. With this very aim, city NGO “Green Hope” is organizing the biggest tree plantation drive that Navi Mumbai has ever witnessed. This Sunday, “Green Hope’ will conduct a tree plantation drive where in 2 lac trees will be planted across Navi Mumbai and the Thane Belapur Industrial Belt. Inspired by State Environment Minister Ganesh Naik, Green Hope is dynamically spearheaded by city’s own youth leader Sandeep Naik. Green Hope made its greening debut last year when it planted near about a lac trees in Navi Mumbai and the adjacent industrial belt. As Green Hope’s greening drive enters its second year, the organizers have increased the target number of trees to be planted from one lac to two lacs this year. The monsoon long greening drive will officially commence with a green ceremony to be held at Navi Mumbai High School Grounds at Vashi on Sunday morning. Many nature lovers and green lovers are expected to be a part of this grand ceremony. Speaking to NMTV News, State Environment Minister Ganesh Naik credited Sandeep Naik for the initiative. The Minister also appealed to the young organizers to ensure that the mortality rate of the plantation drive is as minimal as possible. The State Environment Minister also gave a public invitation to Navi Mumbaikars to join the green movement this Sunday. Trees absorb Carbon Dioxide, recycling it into much needed Oxygen. This goes some way to counteracting the effects of global warming and helps to cool the planet. As trees grow, their roots strengthen the soil, helping to prevent erosion, their canopy casts shade allowing the soil to retain moisture and providing perfect conditions for mini ecosystems to develop. In a city that is located adjacent to the intense chemical belt, you can do your bit by joining such green movements.

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