Greenpeace-2Eviction notices have been posted by Greenpeace on SRK’s Mannat as well as on buildings at Bandstand Bandra as part of its efforts to warn Mumbaikars of the impacts of climate change. A Blue alert eviction notices have also been put on buildings along Taj Lands end. A recent report named “Climate Migrants in South Asia: Estimates and Solutions” commissioned by Greenpeace states that by the year 2100, Mumbai city would be completely under water. And the most affected with the areas located at the coastal lines. One such area is Bandra’s Bandstand. In an effort to warn the residents about climate change, notices of Blue Alert have been posted on buildings, including Khan’s bungalow, Mannat, which read out that residents would have to vacate the structures as they would be submerged by 2050 due to the rising sea-level and inaction to stem climate change. Our correspondent Sana Warsia spoke with Greenpeace Climate Campaigner, Brikesh Singh about their report, threats of global warming and eviction cautions to SRK and others.


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