Fire-4There was yet another fire at Turbhe TTC area. This time the fire broke out at the go-down of Savla Food Company. Unlike the last two recent cases of fire, one person lost his life during the fire. A major fire broke out at the go-down of Savla Food Company situated at Turbhe TTC area. The fire began due to ammonia gas leakage at around 10 in the morning. The fire was very intense and it took several hours for nearly 25 fire fighting brigades to extinguish it. While a few workers were trapped during the fire, two managers who were trapped inside are feared dead and one worker too lost his life. One other worker was seriously injured as the fire fighting officials conducted the fire extinguishing process. Navi Mumbai Fire Fighting Chief R T Mhatre too was slightly injured alaong with four other fire fighting officials. Since the situation could go out of control due to ammonia gas leakage, the nearby area was evacuated and no official could speak to the media during the mayhem about the cause of the fire. This has been in the third incident of industry fire in the last 15 days. These raise several questions about the reasons and intentions for the sudden rise in number of such fire incidents. While in some cases the fire seems to be a result of violation of safety norms, in other it is the greed of grabbing land. For instance, what earlier were warehouse plots have been now allotted to private builders who are erecting malls and huge shopping complexes here. Likewise, the death of industries too is being eyed by the construction industry. There also talks that big industrial names have been taken over by construction big wigs and mafia. Experts say that there is more to the recent fire in industries than what meets the eye. The fire at the rubber industry at Turbhe yesterday is the fourth incident of major fire in recent times. A former officer who worked in one of the big industries on the Thane Belapur Belt alleges that the fire is purposely done to either claim insurance or sell off the land at a premium price to private builders. He says that in two decades that he worked in the belt, there were never cases of major fire despite most of the units being chemical industries, then how are such cases being reported so frequently now? It may be recalled that in recent times there were several major fires reported. Unless all the industries were grossly violating fire safety norms, the fire cases raise several questions of the intentions and reasons that remain unanswered. With authorities turning a blind eye to these questions and many industries forcefully or voluntarily pulling down shutters and shifting their base, a grave unemployment depression is bound to hit the city.


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