illegal school 1With a rather confusing policy, the issue of illegal schools is victimizing the end child. Milind Tambe explores one case in which two students have been refused admission for clearly no fault of theirs, just because the local governing body failed to seal their illegal schools. So you are worried when NMMC declares the schools your child is studying in as illegal. There is more reason to this worry now. Vijay Kumar and Preeti are students who hail from not very well to do family and hence their parents decided to shift them from their schools in Mankhurd to Sainath School at Vashi. But the parents were in for a shock as Sainath School informed them that their children were studying in a school that was declared illegal by BMC and hence, all their certificates stand invalid. It has been over two months that schools began and the students are yet striving to get admissions. Clearly not at fault, the children do not know that they are paying a huge price for a state policy that is confusing and baseless or so it seems. Every year, local governing bodies declare a list of schools that have not obtained the state education dept’s clearance; as illegal. Even NMMC has declared 24 schools in Navi Mumbai as being illegal. One would have thought that the illegal schools would be sealed by NMMC but that is wishful thinking. On the contrary the so-called illegal schools continue to function, conduct examinations and award ignorant students certificates. Varsha Pawar – the new NMMC Education Officer says she is not responsible for what officers on her seat have done in the past but she assured to send notices and even shut down schools if they failed to comply with state norms. The case is an ideal example of how the state’s policy and irresponsible behavior of NMMC Education Dept. will cost many students like Vijaykumar and Preeti all their years of education but because they hail from poor schools and poor backgrounds, their cries will be lost in the corrupt system of the state. With cameraperson Gyaneshwar Mali, Milind Tambe for Navi Mumbai News.

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