bhise-3We had reported that more than a criminal conspiracy, the Bhise scam is an outcome of administrative system failure. Moreover, the re-audit order of the Commissioner has put a question mark on the first audit based on which the FIR was lodged. Now Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik too is endorsing what NMTV News had highlighted earlier. It may be recalled that NMTV News had aired a report on July 22nd, whether “NMMC Bhise Scam is a criminal conspiracy or system failure”. We had reported how the NMMC Bhise scam had opened a Pandora’s Box of how things can go wrong if things within the administration are not in order. NMTV News had brought to you exclusive documents that brought the scam under a new light and compelled one to question whether the scam of a criminal conspiracy or an outcome of complete system failure? Later there was an Impact of this report. Based on the inconsistencies raised in our report in the Bhise special audit and investigations, NMMC Commissioner Vijay Nahata had written to the auditor to re-examine the bills and present another audit report. We had pointed out that the Commissioner’s re-audit orders had put a question mark on the credibility of the first report based on, which Commissioner Vijay Nahata had filed the FIR. Now Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik too is endorsing our report. For the first time openly criticizing Commissioner Vijay Nahata, Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik blames the civic chief of not only filing the FIR in haste but also not being firm of his charges. Ganesh Naik said that the Commissioner’s order for a re-audit in the case is proof of this. Ganesh Naik stated this while speaking to the media during the police awards event at Vishnudas Bhave Auditorium. The Minister has also challenged the investigating authorities whether there is an actual scam in the Bhise case. He says that the party will not take action against M K Madhvi because it will then be a decision in haste just like the one taken by the Commissioner while filing the FIR but if Madhvi’s role is proven, the party will definitely remove him. Like NMTV News had pointed out earlier even Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik stated that either there is no corruption in the Bhise scam as the bills released to the contractor were approved by a series of officials in NMMC or if there is corruption, then all the officials are responsible for it. Ganesh Naik says that the FIR was filed by the Commissioner under some political pressure that too at the wrong time. Ganesh Naik reiterated that till fair investigations will decide their decision on disciplinary action against M K Madhvi. M K Madhvi’s police custody has been increased till the 21st. The main accused in the Bhise case, M K Madhvi had surrendered at the CBD Police Station last week. This time when he was presented at the court, he was accompanied by his wife corporator Vinaya Madhvi. After the court increased his custody, he was taken back to the CBD Police Station. And the drama in the case continued in the NMMC HQ where to the shock of the media, the DMC Chief was transferred. In a rather low key, under cover event in the Commissioner’s office, N T Jadhav was given his farewell. He has been transferred as Dy. Collector to Osmanabad. Sources allege that N T Jadhav has been transferred in wake of the Bhise scam. He however says that the transfer has nothing to do with the Bhise scam. He however, accepts that he too has signed the files of Bhise through, which payments were released to the contractor. On the eve of elections, looks like Ganesh Naik have come to the rescue of his party corporator M K Madhvi. The Minister’s attempt and his allegations accusing the administration for the debacle looks like a damage control move for his party’s falling image in the city. With Monika Bhosale, Zeba Warsia for NMTV News.

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