ganesh-n-pc-3The final day of campaigning saw NCP Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik coming out in the open to support his son Sanjeev Naik, for the first time stating that he has the experience and what it takes for a MP to serve the masses. In a press conference, on media queries, Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik said that the biggest issue that Navi Mumbai faces today is of encroachment and illegal extensions. He said that he has been speaking to the state that a policy on the lines of Ulhasnagar should be brought for Navi Mumbai. When asked what plan of action they have for Thane water crisis, he said that they propose to acquire funds from JNNRUM and MMRDA to acquire the Sai Dharan, Urshi Dharan and Kalu Dharan that will solve the issue. The Minister reflected about the voters list and said that 15% people are no more, 30% are gone for vacations, 5-10% names have been repeated on list – so in a 65% voters list, they expect 30-35% voting and are sure of a victory. For the first time, the Minister spared no words to support his son on grounds of experience and said that Shiv Sena’s Anand Paranjpe does not experience of working at corporation or taluka level unlike his son who has been mayor for three times. Archana Tripathi met the Minister for an exclusive interview. With cameraperson Rajendra Prasad, Archana Tripathi for NMTV News.

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