vithal-4Last week NMTV News had broadcast a report on the stake of being a corporator. Today we bring to you another side of the same subject with a report that will bring to you how a corporator has allegedly misused his post and power to avail free medical services meant for the poorest of the poor. Who is this corporator? Find out with on our exclusive weekend expose today. Last week during our weekend exclusive titled “What is the stake of being a corporator?”, social activist Sandeep Thakur happened to mention to NMTV News that it had come to his attention that a certain corporator had allegedly pressurized the NMMC Town Planning Office to issue partial Occupancy Certificate to a Hospital at Vashi despite the plot not having adequate parking, only because this corporator was availing free medical services at the hospital. Sandeep Thakur was replying to our question whether “Corporator today have become business agents?” After getting this information, NMTV News investigated the matter and through resources we found out that the corporator in question who has allegedly projected himself as being poorer than those living below poverty line is Corporator Vithal More and the hospital is MGM Hospital at Vashi. It may be recalled that MGM Hospital at Vashi has been taken to court for violating its agreement with CIDCO. According to its agreement with CIDCO, the MGM Hospital at Vashi is suppose to reserve 25% beds for poor patients coming in the categories of “indigent” and “economically weak”. According to rules, MGM Hospital at Vashi is suppose to file returns of the patients it treats under these categories with the Charity Commissioner at Thane. And it is in one of these returns that they have submitted to the Addtl. Charity Commissioner that we found the name of the corporator Vithal More. What’s more? Vithal More’s name has not been mentioned once but twice. The first place mentions Vithal More’s name, his address as C-2/6, Room No. 1, Sector 4, Vashi while the second time, the list mentions his complete name Vithal Bajirao More with the address of the corporator as E-26, Sector 6, Vashi, which is the row house where he lives presently. The list states that Vithal More availed medical services not once but twice that too in the “Indigent Category” – a category meant for poor patients whose annual income is below Rs. 25, 000/- ! In a telephonic conversation with NMTV News, the Director of MGM Hospital at Vashi, Dr. Nitin Kadam confirmed the same. When we met Corporator Vithal More, he completely lost his cool and denied taking free medical services at MGM Hospital. However, locals living around MGM Hospital at Vashi made serious allegations of their corporator Vithal More favouring the hospital on various issues. They make these allegations ever since Vithal More did not pay heed to their requests of not reducing the width of the footpath opposite MGM Hospital at Vashi. These residents allege that the reason that NMMC reduced the width of the footpath was to accommodate parking for MGM Hospital on the road as the hospital allegedly does not have sufficient parking space. And for this NMMC allegedly cut down trees planted by these residents. Today parking menace haunts these locals. They say that all residents of the area had objected to it and had collected signatures as well, but no one paid heed to them. Residents allege that the corporator Vithal More has not taken up their issue. They say that the only beneficiary of the footpath reduction seems to be only MGM Hospital. However, Vithal More denies favoring MGM Hospital or availing free medical services at the hospital. When we informed him that his name figures on the list submitted by the MGM Hospital at Vashi to the Asst. Charity Commissioner’s Office, he said that if he gets the list, he’ll initiate legal action against MGM Hospital for defaming him. On the other hand, when we asked the MGM Hospital’s Director Dr. Nitin Kadam whether their hospital could make such a huge blunder of putting the name of a corporator in the list of indigent patients, he denied that they could make such a blunder and feigned ignorance on the details of the case. So is there any truth in the allegations of Corporator Vithal More availing free medical services at MGM Hospital at Vashi meant for poor living below the poverty line or has MGM Hospital blundered by putting the corporator’s name on the indigent list not once but twice? Well, we leave you, our viewers, to judge what the answer to this million dollar question is? If the allegations being made against Vithal More are proven to be true, then it wouldn’t be wrong to say that corporators do misuse their powers and post for their own benefits and selfish interests even if it is by selling his conscience or by snatching the rights of the poor. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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