The Bombay high court on Wednesday reserved its judgment on a challenge to the ban on 25-year-old taxis in the city. In December 2008, the Maharashtra government had asked owners of taxis that are over 25 years old to replace the vehicles. Taxi unions challenged the ban claiming that under the Motor Vehicle Act, it was the central government which could set an age limit for vehicles. The State Transport Authority, which had issued the ban order, had no power to do so, the union claimed. The state government, on its part, pointed out that issuing guidelines for licences for taxis was well within its powers. Of the 55,000 taxis plying in the city, around 7,051 taxis are over 25 years old. Following the August 2008 notification, around 6,031 taxi owners have already applied for replacing their old Fiats with newer vehicles. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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