trainHe takes a photograph and converts it into a blueprint. Raw material is painstakingly moulded into miniature parts. For hours on end, he crouches over a cluttered work table to build perfect little models of train engines, keeping alive a passion that revved to life nearly 20 years ago. We take you to C L Singh a section engineer at Central Railways. C L Singh, a section engineer at the tool room at the Parel workshop of the Central Railways, is the proud creator of 38 miniature train engines, including a 1928 rock engine used in steam trains. For Singh, everything starts with a picture. For C L Singh, his workshop is where he finds nirvana. Singh’s tools include plastic cutting machine used to cut synthetic sheets, bench vices, a hacksaw, a grinding machine, a buffing machines and air compressors used for spray painting. A model takes at least a month to finish with a minimum of four hours of work every evening. He further spoke on the models that he made. Singh has exhibited his work at various railway exhibitions at CST, the Thane Railway Institute and the Lokmanya Tilak Engineering College. Speaking that this was team work, he thanked his associates for helping him in his endeavor. All his work is self-funded-as much as 30% of his salary goes into indulging this hobby. He is undeterred by this and the increasing strain on his eyes ever since he had a cataract operation in 1997. He refuses to sell his work. Each creation is added to the collection with no same piece made twice. With cameraperson Dhanse Mehboob, Hansraj Kanaujia for NMTV News.

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