health-minister-4It sounds rather futuristic, but if a plan being prepared by the Centre works out, every newborn will soon be the proud possessor of an electronic health card. An ambitious initiative by the Union Health Ministry promises to have the health data of every Indian, young and old, available at the click of a mouse. The media was told about the project-called the “Indian Health Information Network Development” or “I-HIND”. The Union Health Ministry refused to give a time frame for the ambitious project, but has said that the digital age health idea would begin with storing every neonate’s health details like date of birth, blood group and vaccination schedules. If parents want a birth certificate, they only need to download it from the common health network instead of bribing some civic officials for a copy. If this sounds similar to the Infosys high-profile Unique ID plan, it’s because there is an overlap here. The e-health project is being planned along with technocrat Sam Pitroda’s National Knowledge Commission. The idea was discussed at a meeting of the working group on health innovation at the health ministry on November 28. The draft plan will be submitted by March 5, 2010. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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