Rains-3While heavy rains once again brought life to a grinding halt in several parts of Mumbai, Navi Mumbaikars too had to face the brunt of water logging in a few areas. Heavy rains over the weekend disrupted normal life to a certain extent in several parts of Navi Mumbai. While water-logging was waist deep in several sectors of Panvel and Kalamboli, several low lying sectors of Airoli, KK, Vashi, Turbhe, Sanpada and CBD also saw water-logging being reported in several places. At Vashi, a few hours after continuous rains, there was water logging in sectors 4, 5 and 6. Even though the local corporator Vithal More boasted that cleaning and de-silting work of the holding pond was a success, the scenario spoke otherwise. When Navi Mumbai News team arrived at the holding pond, water was over flowing to the nearby roads and because the holding pond boundary wall was broken down in several places, it posed quite dangerously for pedestrians. At APMC, the situation was extremely pathetic. The roads here are reeling under very poor conditions and with water logging, motorists had a difficult time commuting. Garbage in the APMC spread foul smell and with continuous rains posed as a major diseases breeding ground. At the other sectors too the scenario was not different. Roads constructed a few months ago by NMMC gave way to not potholes but what once can term as craters. Residents voiced disappointment over the condition of the city due to heavy rains and said that the scenario leaves little to imagination about what would happen if there were another 26/7. While the poor conditions of roads expose the low standard of work being done by NMMC contractors, several areas that were hit by water logging showcased how the corporators of the area failed to ensure that the pre monsoon work were executed in their area. These corporators were busy winning tenders in NMMC General Body and Standing Committee meet and hence did not bother to look into the same or so it seems.


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