high-rise-towers-5A ban has been put on buildings above 50 meters in Navi Mumbai. Towers above 50 meters will be a hindrance in air traffic when the airport comes. CIDCO has sent notices to developers who have approved projects above 50 meters, canceling the approval and will hitherto not issue permissions for high rises that are above 50 metres i.e. 17 floors, as this would hinder air traffic once the airport comes here. Sources at CIDCO reveal that till date, no tower exceeds 31 meters in Navi Mumbai so demolishing existing towers is out of question. However, the town planning department had approved plans of a few new towers that are under construction and were exceeding 50 meters. CIDCO has sent them notices to alter their plans. Though there are reports that builders have been asked to get a NOC from the airport authority is there constructions are above 30 metres. Though developers mostly are unaware of the ban. Speaking on the same lines, prominent developer Bhupendra Shah who is developing several towers says that a survey is going on but they have not been sent any notice about any ban. Though a few builders are affected environmentalists have welcomed the ban. Manjushree Ganguly explicates that since Navi Mumbai has come up on reclaimed land, it is better not to have high rises in this area. Today several buildings in Navi Mumbai are either sinking or show signs of cracks on walls before time because several developers have overlooked and not pumped out salt water from the building’s foundation at the time of construction and the worst that will be hit due to this are the construction on Palm Beach Road. Navi Mumbai’s soil has more salt percentage it becomes essential to keep salt away from the cement. Some of the contractors even mix creek water with cement for construction and as a result, the salt starts coming out of the structure leaving a cavity in the wall and weakening the structure.

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