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‘Here I come again’ says Mr. President Barack Obama to Iowa

Four years ago Iowa had proved to be the strongest supporter of Barack Obama, giving him the lead that he needed for his historical win. And now after four years Obama is back to find the support of his faithful supporters which surprisingly has strong opinion for his opponent Mitt Romney also.

Things and affection of Iowa had changed as they see Obama as a weak President who did not do much to improve the economy. Last election Mitt Romney witnessed weakest support from this region, but surprisingly this election most of the loyal supporters of Obama see Romney as a strong and deserving candidate.

But President Barack Obama has made it a point to win the faith of his loyal supporters back, addressing people, discussing the tax agenda and how things will work out and most importantly making people aware of the weak points of the opponents.

Well, with only four months left for ‘the day’ Obama and team has a lot of things to cover up to make things work in their favor. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV

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