holding-pond-3The open drainage at Arenja Corner has become a constant worry for locals and permanent challenge for NMMC. Ever since 26 / 7, the significance of this open drainage cannot be undermined. And so when debris was seen being dumped in the open drainage, locals made a call to the NMTV Office.The debris that you see around this open drainage at sector 17, Vashi is an example of the debris that is being dumped in the drainage constantly. Every year NMMC, initiates de-silting work of the open drainage and post monsoon, illegal debris dumping resumes again. It may be recalled that the 26/7 deluge had underlined the significance of this open drainage. For when this drainage overflows during heavy rains, Sector 17 floods. And it is every year after 26/7 that NMMC conducts de-silting work prior to monsoon and the rest of the year it is used as dumping ground, ironically more often that not by NMMC contractors. Something that NMMC Vashi Ward officer Balkrishna Patil reiterated stating that the debris was that of STP and Pratibha Pipelines.Such cases might be petty issues for NMMC but definitely expose how public taxes are spent on the same work every year, year after year. With cameraperson Ravi Nikam, Sudhir Sharma for Navi Mumbai News.


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