holding-pond-1Having realized the importance of holding ponds during flooding rains after the 26/7 deluge, the NMMC has begun de-silting and cleaning work at the Vashi Holding Pond. The holding pond at Vashi Minis Seahore is a very significant resource for combating situations like the 26/7 deluge. Apart from this, it also collects the water coming during high tides from the creek here. Even the gutter water from the sectors of 17 & 16 and 7 & 8 is drained in the holding pond here. But despite the significant role that the holding pond plays, it was not cleaned for 8 years and a wall was built around the holding pond for logical reasons known to NMMC. But when the water flooded Vashi during the 26/7 deluge and the holding pond that was in an utter mess, failed to help, the NMMC woke up to its importance. Now the cleaning and de-silting work on the holding pond has begun. The Holding pond has sludge that is nearly 4 meters deep, which is equivalent to nearly 2000 trucks. After the pond is cleaned, the corporation will use other expertise to see to it that the gutter water draining here does not spread. The corporation began the work on the 27th of April and will be completed before monsoon with an expenditure of Rs. 40 Lakhs, which includes beautification of the area as well.


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