rr-patil-2Home Minister R R Patil paid a surprise visit to Navi Mumbai Sports Association Grounds where the police recruitments are underway. Call it the Home Minister R R Patil’s style of ensuring that there were no fingers raised at the police recruitment procedure that the Home Minister paid a surprise visit to Navi Mumbai Sports Association Grounds where the police recruitments are underway. Very often one hears allegations of corruption, money-pocketing and references during such recruitments. To stop such allegations and accusations, the Home Minister himself inspected and understood all the steps involved in the police recruitment process. He also checked whether the recruitment was being done according to government rules and laws. The Home Minister R R Patil also went a step ahead and interacted with the candidates who were applying for the Navi Mumbai police to get a first hand report whether everything was happening transparently and in a fair manner. Wherever he thought it necessary, he asked candidates to show whether they were physically fit for the post or not. After his visit, he addressed the media and voiced satisfaction on the recruitment process underway in Navi Mumbai. Speaking to the rampage in Mumbai recruitment process on March 8, he said that candidates rush to apply at different centers at the same day leads to such incidents. He said that they were contemplating putting ink on the hands of candidates like during elections and beginning online procedures as well, which they plan to bring into action by next year. He said that 55, 000 posts have been sanctioned for the Maharashtra Police and they plan to fill 11000 posts every year. This is the 4th consecutive year. Official in charge of the recruitment are given strictures to ensure that there are no mal practices and action would be taken against those caught violating this. He said that it was a good sign that educated and qualified individuals are coming, which is a good sign for the police force. This is the reason why the police was now having qualified personnel at every level. He said that there are many officials are unfit in the force and for these they are planning to start fitness allowance. And because duty hours are the prime reason for unfit officials, their dept. is giving priority to reducing shifts to 10 hours only. The Home Minister said that they are also working on bringing into effect e-complaints system in police stations across the state. Software work has already begun so that in future citizens can get connected to the police with ease. Navi Mumbai Police Commissioner Gulabrao Pol was also present during the Home Minister’s visit. With cameraperson Kala Jadhav, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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