r-r-patil's-blogThe top leadership of NCP is at loggerheads and the party is finding it a little difficult to contain the development. With involvement of cabinet ministers, the situation is rather creating some unrest in the organization. The difference between Home Minister R R Patil and his party colleagues in the cabinet – Dy. Chief Minister Chagan Bhujbal and Rural Development Minister Jayant Patil has come out in the open again after R R Patil’s recent posting on his blog. The differences between the top leadership of NCP are out in the open again – only this time through Home Minister R R Patil’s blog. It all started with the home minister’s claim on his blog that two senior cabinet ministers have been running a campaign against him by leaking cabinet news. In his blog, Home Minister R R Patil has written and I quote, “The discussions and conclusions of the State Cabinet meeting found its way to the press and got proper mileage. Whoever is responsible for leaking such confidential information has violated the moral principle of Cabinet meetings. I appreciate the efforts taken by my fellow office bearer for leaking half-baked news. The person in question should have been better off becoming a journalist instead of a Minister as the state doesn’t seem to benefit from his political expertise and it saddens me immensely.” Wondering who are the cabinet Ministers that Home Minister R R Patil is hitting at? They are Deputy Chief Minister Chhagan Bhujbal and Rural Development Minister Jayant Patil that are known to be R R Patil’s political rivals. According to reliable sources with the NCP party, both Chagan Bhujbal and Jayant Patil are upset about the comments on the blog but they have decided to underplay the development. But the rift has now become the talk of government officials. R R Patil and Jayant Patil have had differences related to district politics but ever since R R Patil relinquished the home ministry charge, Jayant Patil had decided not to speak on matters relating to the department. The differences between the senior Ministers in NCP have also worried NCP President Sharad Pawar. In a party meeting held last month, Sharad Pawar did some hard talking asking the ministers to stop the petty quarrels. But if Ministers start using their personal blogs to air their grievances, perhaps even Sharad Pawar cannot do anything to control his Ministers. R R Patil’s blog is not only worrying the NCP but could even land the government in trouble. This is because, in the same blog, R R Patil has said and I quote, “The government has to treat everyone as equal. The doors of Mantralaya are always open for builders and industrialists and they are given red carpet treatment, but what about the common man?” Besides all the politically rivalry and differences within the NCP, what’s really unfortunate is that the Home Minister of the stature R R Patil is publicly accepting the reach of the rich and the helplessness of the poor in the corridors of Mantralya as he is also a part of the same apathetic government he is writing about. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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