The fishermen community at Ghansoli are facing a major health threat as hundreds of used syringes from across city hospitals and clinics have been are being disposed at Ghansoli Jetty. In clear violation of the Pollution Control Board norms, some city hospitals, in order to save money, are disposing of biomedical waste at dumps just about anywhere. The latest being the Ghansoli jetty. A proof of it is the used syringes. Used syringes like these are often collected by rag-pickers and sold, which then can even act as catalysts in spreading HIV positive and Hepatitis B when reused. Locals allege that these used syringes are dumped here by local dispensaries and hospitals. Not knowing the dangers of being exposed to this grave health hazard, fishermen have even been hurt with needles of used syringes that are not visible in the sand. Former corporator of the area Deepak Patil informed that already many fishermen have become ill due to the reckless dumping of syringes at the jetty. And making a rather serious allegation on the failed municipal health department’s check on these violations, Deepak Patil informed that even human organs are thrown into the sea that are eaten by fishes, which are later sold in the city. This is not the first time that the failure of NMMC to nab violations of the bio – medical waste is going unchecked. Even in the past, several cases of bio medical being openly dumped in clear violation of Supreme Court orders have been reported in the city. The Bio-Medical Waste Management Rules 1998 were enacted by the government to regulate the disposal of bio-medical waste in a scientific manner. Defaulters under this could face imprisonment and penalty up to Rs. 1 Lakh. However, the present condition at Ghansoli exposes just how serious the NMMC Health Dept is about controlling the violations of bio medical waste rules that is can cost lives of the poor fisher folk at Ghansoli. Even the so-called PAP leaders and PAP corporators in NMMC are sitting as mute spectators over this grave issue. With Cameraperson Kala Jadhav, Jan Cabral for NMTV News.

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