hotel-pcThe hotels and restaurants association of Mumbai have declared that if their electricity rates are not reduced then they would be forced to increase the menu rates of their restaurants burden of which will again be felt on the people. In a recent press conference the Hotel and Restaurant Association President Chandrahas Shetty called the increased electricity rates on hotels by Reliance Energy was completely unjustified and protested against it. He informed that the media that on Monday and Thursday, the hotels in Mumbai would carry out a black out in their premises to draw Reliance Energy and MIRC towards their issues. He further added that if their demands were not met then they would be forced to increase their rate card which will inadvertently affect the end consumer. The already burdened common man would now even have to think twice before hitting restaurants and hotels as once again the burden of inflation would be felt on them. With cameraperson Dyanheswas mali, Rajeev Mishra for NMTV News.

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