Huge trench at Vashi railway station may cause huge disaster for commuters

A huge trench in front of the Vashi railway station has become a dilemma for the thousands of commuters traveling to and fro from this station to work and back.

For the last two months, the trench facing Vashi railway station has been an eyesore as well as a menace for the commuters traveling from the station for work and back daily. The huge trench is not just a source of foul smell but has even led to serious injuries and accidents. And despite repeated cases of accidents and injury on account of the trench, cidco authorities have failed to fill the trench. The ditch is so huge with garbage floating in it amidst pipelines. The trench becomes more problematic during night time when the lights are not enough causing more chances of accidents. The commuters shared about the problems faced by them on account of the open trench.

It’s unfortunate that the Vashi railway station which boosts of state of the art infrastructure is being neglected by cidco. One can only hope now that cidco officials take cognizance of the matter and cover the trench for the safety of the commuters especially during monsoons. With cameraperson santosh bodhare, divya.j.shekhar for NMTV News.

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