Every living creature in this world needs care and love, whether it is human being or a non human being. Particularly non humans, as they cannot take care of themselves. However, in this world few organizations exist that are dedicated towards protecting and helping animals so that they feel safe and secured. One of such organizations is IDA that has been serving for the last 12 years protection and safety of animals. IDA India, is a project of In Defense of Animals, an international organization based in USA and is for the past 12 years engaged in animal protection, rescue of animals and prevent cruelty against them. In Navi Mumbai the centre has been working jointly with NMMC and to sterilize as well as house many stray dogs and cats. The organization has been neutering dogs at the sterilization centre at Kopri. Every month approximately 350 dogs are sterilized here. The dogs are brought to the hospital by their ambulances. The next day they are neutered. Then the dogs are operated. Surgeries of the dogs include the removal of uterus and ovaries of female dogs and removal of testicles in male dogs. She also explained the benefits of sterilization. The Kopri centre houses nearly 40 TO 50 dogs. They also provide homes to abandoned dogs. We also spoke to Sonal Billimoria, who is a member of IDA and volunteers at the centre during sterilizations. She also stated that awareness about treating animals well is still lacking in the society. At the Kopri Center, they have even kept some of the dogs for adoption. While today the stray dogs and other street animals are neglected by the society, such NGO’s are a helping hand so that they get a better place to live. With cameraperson Kala Jadhav, Vrushali Chitre for NMTV news.

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