Horse-3One of the rarest and exhilarating experiences that one can witness is seeing a horse in action. Sleek shiny skin with a royal gait, the horse riding is not a common sight in the satellite city but when one sees it is a totally breathtaking experience. A tall, graceful, majestic animal with hoofs, a long mane and tail. For thousands of years, the horse has been one of the most useful animals. They once provided the fastest and surest way for land travel. Hunters mounted on horseback chased and killed animals. Fighters and soldiers fought battles on their sturdy war horses. Today while horses are not the mainstay of work and transportation as they once were, it is definitely a fond sport amongst the youth. A glimpse of these splendid horses was seen at DPS School where lessons of horse riding are being held. If you love animals and power, then horse riding could be an ideal pursuit. One maybe shocked to see children as small as eight years old and above trying their hand at this sport. Some of the activities include show jumping, barrel racing (going round a bucket) and ten pegging (picking thermocol from stick). For these children, learning to ride the horse is about passion and speed. Even parents have encouraged their children to participate in this brave sport to inculcate value, courage and love for animals. While seeing someone ride a horse may look simple, it is not that easy. There are some things that need to be kept in mind, one of them being the contact one needs to have with the horse. A lot also goes in maintaining a horse starting from the shelter to the food. Horse riding maybe one of the rarest of sport but it is definitely one of the most adventurous one.

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