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If towers of the rich can be regularized why demolish homes of the poor? – NMTV Weekend Exclusive

It’s official. NMMC is going to regularize the towers on shame of Palm Beach Road and claims action of demolishing encroachment will be taken only against a select few. Such an outrageous stance has once again exposed the double standards of NMMC. If NMMC can find loopholes of the existing laws to regularize homes of the rich; then why demolish hutments of the poor, hapless and needy? Why is there a different law for the rich and different for the poor and why aren’t the so called leaders of the poor stand for them?

Once upon a time; these towers were seen as pearls on the queen’s necklace – a term used to define Palm Beach. But today, they are known as towers of shame on the road to corrupt. Here is a look at the 21 towers on Palm Beach Road that has brought shame to Navi Mumbai :
• Bhumiraj Construction Plot nos. 1 and 2, Sector 18, Sanpada
• President Construction Plot no. 3, Sector 18, Sanpada
• Sai Homes Plot no. 4, Sector 18, Sanpada
• Sea Queen Developers Plot no. 6, Sector 18, Sanpada
• Bhumiraj Construction Plot no. 1, Sector 19, Sanpada
• Abhishek Enterprises Plot no. 2, Sector 19, Sanpada
• Shree Dinshaw Developers Plot no. 3, Sector 19, Sanpada
• Kesar Housing and Developers Plot no. 5, Sector 19, Sanpada
• Palm Beach Builders & Developers Plot no. 20, Sector 6, Nerul
• Jay Balaji Co-op Housing Society Plot no. 26, sector 6, Nerul
• Vignahar Developers Plot nos. 5 and 6, Sector 14, Nerul
• Punit Paradise Co-op Housing Society Plot no. 7, Sector 14, Nerul
• Sagar Darshan Co-op Housing Society Plot no. 38, Sector 18, Nerul
• Home Builders Plot nos. 3 to 10, Sector 36, Nerul
• Shailaja Narayan Mhatre Plot no. 133, Sector 36, Nerul
• Pamgro Sahakari Grihnirman Sanstha Plot no. 134, Sector 36, Nerul
• Akshar Developers’s Sreeji Heights Plot nos. 1, 1A, 1B and 1C, Sector 46A, Nerul
• Gahlot Construction Plot no. 3A, Sector 46A, Nerul
• Vanashri Co-op Housing Society Plot nos. 1 and 2, Sector 58A, Nerul
• Shagufa Co-op Housing Society Plot no. 5, Sector 58A, Nerul
• Venus Grihnirman Sanstha Plot no. 8, Sector 58A, Nerul
These towers of shame have not committed one but many kinds of gross violations that includes violation of fire safety norms and FSI theft; both kinds of violations being those that can spell doom for the life and property of innocent citizens residing here. We bring to you a clear picture of the violations they have committed TYPE THE FOLLOWING :
• Violation of fire safety norms
• Covered the stilt area meant for parking
• Extended rooms into flowerbeds
• Unlawfully built rooms or offices on top floors
• Constructed toilets or servant rooms on mid-landing using additional FSI
• Covered the lobby without permission
• Put up doors or gates that did not exist in original plans
• Placed generators in the parking space Illegally
• Built additional balconies or terraces
However, despite the gravity of violations and mockery of laws made by builders on Palm Beach Road; NMMC is well on its way to regularize most illegal constructions and encroachments made by builders here. This has been officially confirmed by NMMC.

The million dollar question is : If NMMC can regularize illegal constructions of the rich; then why do they not have the same approach for the poor? Why do they demolish the homes of the poor? No matter how NMMC justifies its double standards, truth is that there are two sets of laws in NMMC – one for the poor and one for the rich. Builders who have constructed the towers of shame on Palm Beach Road refused to speak on camera but blame the residents for the illegal constructions; saying they did it after moving into the towers. However, this story of the builders is hard to believe. Legal experts say that there are dire consequences of compensating for violations with monetary penalty instead of action. Despite RTI activists, alert citizens and media criticizing the double standards of NMMC; the latter continues to discriminate between the rich and the poor.

Rahul Thakur says that it takes just one single honest man to make everyone equal in the eyes of law but in NMMC there is no one. Builders of these towers on Palm Beach Road are not just any builders – they are the most powerful lobby in the city. No one in NMMC can dare to take action against these builders. This act of regularization of NMMC will encourage more illegal constructions which is a dangerous sign for the city. That is why the height of the towers on Palm Beach Road has now become symbolic of the level where corruption has reached in NMMC. Conscience of officials has been bought. There is no other explanation for the apparent apathy for the poor and biasness towards the rich! With bureau inputs, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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