chainees-stall-1While Navi Mumbai was declared high alert during the serial bomb blasts in Gujarat, the way in which innumerable Chinese stalls, which have become outlets of drugs, have mushroomed easily in the city, it is no wonder that Navi Mumbai is becoming a prime target for terrorist activities. When the Ahmedabad blasts were linked to the satellite city, the Navi Mumbai police was directed to be vigilant and alert. But the Navi Mumbai police have developed such a lax attitude that if even the Home Minister and Chief Minister direct the police administration to wake up its unlikely that it will wake up from its deep slumber. This is not what we are saying but what these visuals indicate. This is a Chinese stall situated at Koperkhairane which is not just illegal but also openly sells alcohol. The owner of the Chinese stall himself admitted that if he did not sell alcohol then his business would face a loss. This is another Chinese centre at Ghansoli where again people can openly drink alcohol. The owner of this Chinese stall too states that allowing alcohol is there only option to run business. Same is the case of Chinese stalls situated at Vashi and Kopri. Unfortunately, these Chinese stalls are operating under the eye of the police department. Reliable sources allege that these stalls are asked to pay their dues every month to the police administration so that they can run their business illegally. And the Police Commissioner of Zone 1, R D Shinde is seen tossing the entire blame on NMMC. But the Commissioner was seen fumbling when he was quested if it was the duty of the police to arrest the sale of alcohols in these stalls. These Chinese centers are not just becoming a prime location for drug peddlers and terrorist activities but has also become a cause of concern for women. Though the Navi Mumbai police is constantly ignoring these issues for reasons not difficult to decipher. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Sudhir Sharma for NMTV News.


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