enc1NMMC has once again failed to maintain the greenery of the city. The garden at sector 7 Vashi too has been not maintained by the authorities. Members of Bharat Vikas Manch have alleged that illegal encroachment is being done on the space allotted for a garden. A part of the Meenatai Thackarey garden at sector 7 Vashi has been allegedly taken over by the nearby Sterling Wockhardt hospital. Members of Bharat Vikas Manch have alleged that the hospital authorities have put up wire fencing and encroached upon a part of the Meenatai Thackeray garden adjacent to the hospital premises. Members say that Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) too has turned a blind eye to the problem and alleged that the authorities are working hand in glove with each other. With the wire fencing the garden has been divided into parts, one which has been developed by NMMC while the other smaller part which is left as it is. Locals stated that the part of the garden should be developed too. It is alleged that the Sterling Wockhardt hospital has illegally encroached upon the part of the garden by putting the wire fencing. However, when we spoke with Dr. Prakesh Kasbekar, the owner of the hospital he refuted the allegations. A hospital with the international reputed brand of Wockhardt and involved in noble profession of medical services to indulge in such illegal act of encroaching upon a garden for its own commercial interest puts a question mark on the credibility of its services. With Kala Jadhav, Jan Cabral for NMTV News.

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