santosh-2Impaired but empowered. This seems to be the story of Santosh Amughe, a hearing impaired child. Though Santosh cannot express himself as he cannot speak or hear, he communicates with the world by way of his paintings. A aspiring artist, Santosh possess the skill of an articulate artist, painting out nature, celebrities, cartoon characters or just about anything that catches his interest. On our weekend feature today, meet Santosh Amughe, a special artist in the making, Renowned deaf blind writer, Helen Keller once said, “Who is severely handicapped, never knows his own hidden source of strength until he is treated like a normal human being and allowed to shape his own life…For life is a challenge or an adventure or nothing at all…” These words stand very true for shy and well-mannered Santosh Amughe. Santosh Anughe is a special child, he is hearing impaired. He cannot speak nor can he hear. And while he is impaired, he is definitely empowered. This special child studying at Helen Keller Institute possesses the special and unique talent of a painter. He draws and paint just about anything that interests him, be it movie stars, nature or cartoon characters. His school arranges exhibition of artwork of all students and in such exhibitions this special child’s fabric work on bed sheet, handkerchief, decorative articles, and drawings have won orders from various small-scale industries. The money earned is set aside for his future education. Infact, Santosh is such a good artist that his talent can even find him place at the JJ School of Arts, one of the renowned art school of Mumbai. For getting admission, he will have to perform the mammoth task of clearing CET. However, Deputy Director of the Institute hopes that if Santosh is considered as a special case, he could make a mark in world of art. Giving attention to each child, Santosh Amughe is taught individually, with every focus of the teacher on him. Special children like him are unable to retain the things taught just day before therefore she repeats the same things again for next coming days. With cameraperson Kala Jadhav, Shilpa Suryawanshi for NMTV News.

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