kalawati-mahaleCitizens’ responses on the performance of Kalawati Mahale as their corporator of ward no. 57, Sector 17, Vashi gives her a thumps down in her report card. In our series “Your Ward, Your Corporator” we bring to you how the corporator failed to address the three major issues of parking, open draining and illegal garages that have haunted citizens of Sector 17 for years now and despite being a corporator of the ruling front in NMMC – Kalawati Mahale proved to be unsuccessful in addressing any of these. Sector 17 is known as the Nariman Point of Navi Mumbai. It’s the business center of Vashi with the sector having more than 50% of commercial establishments. Besides this it is also an elite area that accounts for significant number of tax paying citizens. But despite its significance, the sector continues to be haunted by three major issues – parking, illegal garages and open drainage. The corporator of the ward Kalawati Mahale who was from NCP till she resigned during the assembly elections, has failed miserably to ensure that NMMC addressed any of these burning issues, say residents. In the last election, the corporator had promised citizens of Sector 17, Vashi that the open nallah running along the sector would be closed and beautified. But even today the plan has not taken off, making mosquito menace and foul smell the cause for citizens health. Another major issue is the illegal garages. These illegal garages run along the road from Macdonald’s to Cosmos Bank in Sector 17, and the road adjoining Telex and Radhika buildings in sector 17, Vashi. According to NMMC records there are no garages here yet these garages repair vehicles on the road throughout the day. In the past citizens of the sector have complained that while repairing the vehicles, the garages remove the junk and waste and leave from the vehicles and leave it on the roads, this leads to water stagnation during rains. Even women of the face difficulties due to the behavior of the mechanics. And this problem continues to be on the list of grievances of locals. It’s not like NMMC has not taken action against illegal garages. In the year 2007, a major demolition drive was conducted against the illegal garages with the support of traffic police. But not fearing the consequences at all, the illegal garages cropped up again. Even on this front the corporator Kalawati Mahale failed to ensure that the illegal garages did not stop encroachment, say citizens. And the third major problem that haunts Sector 17, Vashi is the parking issue. Despite NMMC mooting a pay and park scheme, the idea ran into troubled waters. So much so that Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik ordered NMMC to revoke the scheme. Yet even today, the pay and park scheme continues to be implemented in the sector in a haphazard manner. In the case of Kalawari Mahale, her failures a corporator were surfaced in the year 2008 itself. It happened when NMMC came up with the idea of constructing a vertical parking lot n a garden in Sector 17, Vashi, which is the only garden in sec 17 Vashi. When this news dawned upon the residents, they called for rallies to unite residents to fight against this anti-environmental decision of NMMC. At that meet, which was held on a Sunday, in a very embarrassing moment for the politicians present, residents attacked their Corporator Kalawati Mahale for failing to speak up for the cause of environment and residents when such a proposal was tabled at NMMC Standing Committee and General Body Meet. It’s been over a year to this controversy and parking problem still haunts residents of Sector 17, Vashi. By the response of the residents, you can see that NCP corporator Kalawati Mahale has failed to live up to the expectation of the voters who elected her as their representative. You just saw how the residents of sector 17 Vashi gave thumps down to NCP corporator Kalawati Mahale’s performance. Now Kalawati Mahale has resigned from NCP. It’s going to be an uphill task for NCP party to overcome the failure of their corporator so as to secure their seat in ward no. 57 of Sector 17, Vashi. But at the end of it all, it will be the voters who will decide the fate of this prestigious ward of Sector 17, Vashi. If you want to speak on the failures or success of your corporator, call us on 27899191 or 2765919 or 9223339191. Stay tuned to “”Your ward ! Your Corporator’s performance !” A NMTV Good Governance Initiative to be an alert voter in Navi Mumbai Municipal Elections 2010. With bureau inputs, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News


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