4-march-proTime now for our series “Your Ward, Your Corporator” today Monika Bhosale brings to you the progress report card Congress Corporator from ward no. 62 Sangeeta Sutar. With a ward that consisted of slum areas of Turbhe Naka, Ambedkar Nagar and Indira Nagar, becoming a corporator of ward no. 62 was a challenge for Congress Corporator Sangeeta Sutar and looks like she failed it. This is because, the moment you enter the ward, slum dwellers have nothing but a long list of grievances, woes and complaints against their corporator and the conditions they live in. The area is so unhygienic and this problem begins with the conditions of the gutters in the ward. In fact, the gutters have been left so unattended by NMMC that worms and insects from gutters makes lives a havoc for locals. Garbage, filth and every civic nightmare haunts the lives of locals. Even other basic amenities like street lights are not functional. Locals complained that even NMMC’s cleaners and sweepers ask them for money to clean the area. Evidently, they blame that their corporator for failing to provide them basic human conditions for living a decent life. They allege that their corporator Sangeeta Sutar does not do their work in the area because she believes that these slum dwellers did not vote for her. The slum dwellers are living such nightmarish lives that they have vowed not to vote for anyone hitherto unless their grievances are attended to. Locals say that their corporator Sangeeta Sutar knows that she has done nothing in the five years of her tenure as their corporator and she fears defeat if she contests from the same ward, that’s why this time round Sangeeta Sutar is going to contest from the neighboring ward, they say. And looks like the locals of Sangeeta Sutar were right after all because the Congress corporator accepted that she is in fact going to contest from the neighboring ward in these municipal elections. She however refutes all the allegations of failure made by the locals of her ward and said that never discriminated them for not voting for her. The biggest shock is that the corporator knows that the cleaners and sweepers demand money from locals for cleaning the area. Sangeeta Sutar said that she has told the locals of her ward to call her anytime NMMC cleaners and sweepers demand money so that she can directly talk to them. This seems to be a very lousy stance taken by corporator Sangeeta Sutar. If she has been aware that NMMC cleaners and sweepers were demanding the poor for money to do their job, she should have raised the issue in the NMMC general body and standing committee meetings. But often as a member of the Standing Committee, Sangeeta Sutar only demand civic works for obvious reasons and never raised these issues in the house. Going by the views and opinions of the residents, Congress Corporator from Ward no 62. Sangeeta Sutar has failed miserably in doing justice to her ward in her capacity as a corporator. And now only the NMMC elections results will expose whether the voters are going for a change or not. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Monica Bhosale for NMTV news.

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