prakash-mateIn our series “Your ward, Your corporator” today we have the progress report of Congress corporator from ward no. 47, Vashi Prakash Mate. Monika Bhosale met the citizens of the ward who did not have anything positive about their corporator giving him major thumbs down in his progress report. Though ward no. 47 is located in the heart of Vashi – it is the smallest ward of NMMC. The ward has the main vegetable market along with residents belonging to the Lower Income Group mostly living in CIDCO built JN Type apartments. For Congress Corporator Prakash Mate, his biggest success was to get Rs. 1.5 Crore work done in the CIDCO condominiums. However, the claims of Rs. 1.5 Crore looked very hollow when we visited the CIDCO condominiums in this ward. The condition within the condominium is highly unhygienic with water and sewerage pipelines reeling under pathetic conditions. Even in areas where work has been done, locals say that it is of sub-standard quality. While there is disappointment within residents living inside condominiums on the sub standard work done, outside these condominiums another major failure of the corporator, according to residents has been the garden in the area. The public playground of the area was converted into a garden. However, today the garden has become a haven for drug peddlers and drunkards who are never whisked away creating inconvenience to women and children of the area. What came as a shock was that the Congress corporator Prakash Mate accepted that drug peddlers and drunkards in area. He gave the lame excuse of bars in the vicinity for this problem. Within the ward, the road leading from Yewle Hospital to the inner JN Type apartment’s witnesses water logging in every monsoon, for the same NMMC started drainage work within two JN Type buildings. Since the road is narrow, the work that has started nearly five months back and is going on in snail speed is inconveniencing locals. Locals said that since this particular work is being done with the corporator’s funds, the corporator should keep a watch on it, which unfortunately Prakash Mate failed to do so far. They said that even the wall built by CIDCO has been razed down in this civic job. Since there are schools on the other side of this ward like Fr. Agnel’s and St. Mary’s – a large movement of students through the area is seen everyday. The conditions pose as a threat to these kids as the roads and footpaths are dug. Even the pipeline work is being done just for the sake of doing it without maintaining quality or standard. Shockingly the corporator blames the local residents of his ward for the mess. And it isn’t just the civic issues but the list also includes of public grievances also includes a police complaint against Prakash Mate. The local who faced the consequences of the alleged

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