dr-vilas-kadam-1Time now for our series “Your Ward, Your Corporator” today Monika Bhosale brings to you the progress report card Congress Corporator from ward no. 83 Dr. Vilas Kadam. Ward No. 83 of CBD is mainly a residential area that comprises mostly of families belonging to the Middle Income Group and Low Income Group. It also houses the Bharti Vidyapeeth Educational Institute and it’s the Director of this institute Dr. Vilas Kadam, who is the cousin brother of Congress Forest Minister Patangrao Kadam, who contested as the Congress party candidate in the last municipal elections and won the ward comfortably. As the Congress candidate Dr. Vilas Kadam had promised of bringing hospital facilities, market and senior citizens center in his ward when he was running for elections. Belonging to the education field had made one believe that Dr. Vilas Kadam would be an enlightening corporator in NMMC but unfortunately after five years, the truth is in complete contrast of this. Forget the amenities he promised to get in his ward during elections, even basic civic issues have been neglected for years. Expectedly, the negligence and failure of the corporator to represent the public of his ward and their issues in NMMC has resulted in the big civic mess that ward no. 83 reels under today. When NMTV News visited the ward, there wasn’t a single citizen who had anything positive to speak about their corporator of his work. The ward reels under several civic issues from garbage menace to half dug roads, unattended debris and open gutters. Even the work being done inside condominiums is allegedly of sub standard quality. Locals voiced their grievances to NMTV News. Residents voiced that despite appealing to their corporator Dr. Vilas Kadam he has never come to attend their issues. Residents of the ward point out that Dr. Vilas Kadam is too busy with his school business and its progress even as the progress work of the ward has gone down the drain. In fact Congress Corporator from ward no. 83 Dr. Vilas Kadam has hardly attended NMMC General Body meetings and no one would even remember whether he has ever taken up any issue of his ward in these five years in any of the meetings. Congress Opposition Leader in NMMC Ramakant Mhatre admits the poor track of attendance of their party corporator Dr. Vilas Kadam. Residents say that when the corporator is neither available in his office or NMMC, how can he ever solve their problems. What worst still is that since most of his voters are also parents whose children go to Dr. Vilas Kadam’s Bharti Vidyapeeth institute in the ward, they fear of the consequences for speaking against Dr. Vilas Kadam’s failure as a corporator. When the voters of ward no. 83 had votes for Dr. Vilas Kadam; they saw in him a teacher first and that gave them faith that he would be a good public servant as well. But in the last five years, the trust voters placed in Dr. Vilas Kadam has been replaced by the fear of their children going to his school. It is because of this fear that residents aren’t speaking openly about Dr. Vilas Kadam’s failure as their public representatives in NMMC but the anger is building up. Truly the poor performance report card of Congress Corporator from ward no. 83 Dr. Vilas Kadam is proof of how the high profile and influential people enter politics but rarely with the intention of doing public service. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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