usha-bhoir-1Time now for a report from our series “Your Ward, Your Corporator” – this time NMTV Correspondent Monika Bhosale visited ward no. 45 at Vashi represented by NCP corporator Usha Bhoir. Usha Bhoir made her debut in the NMMC elections of 2005 when the ward was reserved for women. Take a look what the progress report card of Usha Bhoir – NCP corporator form ward no. 45. Ward no. 45 of Vashi consists of Sector 12, 28 and 29. NMTV News visited all the three sectors and spoke to residents. We began the ward tour for Usha Bhoir’s performance report from ward no. 29, Vashi. This sector is known as a posh locality of Vashi with elite crowd. The only work that the corporator often boasts off in this ward is the renovation work of Rajiv Gandhi Garden but the truth is far from the corporator’s claim. And it can be seen even before you enter the garden – filth and garbage strewn around the bin and street lights that are posing dangers to visitors of the garden, especially children. Besides this even the footpaths and roads of the sector are in pathetic state. Some places, half made and under repair footpaths are speaking about how they have been neglected. On the other hand, on the main roads of the sector, automobile showrooms and shops have encroached upon pavements and footpaths without any fear of action from NMMC. Due to this there is traffic chaos with even accidents being reported here. Even hawkers and food stalls are being run on footpaths. If the civic conditions of Sector 29, Vashi are bad, then Sector 28 worse. The tree belt – that perhaps could have been the lungs for this highly polluted sector is in ruins with debris and garbage. In fact the conditions and poor maintenance make it a space for passer bys to attend nature’s calls due to which locals cannot even walk in the area. The other residents of Sector 28, Vashi informed that there are open plots in the ward that are used for illegal debris dumping and has so much of wild growth that it has become an epicenter of mosquito menace. In addition to this dogs menace and unhygienic conditions haunt the residents of the sector. Residents say that every time they have approached their corporator, she gives the excuse of having put up the file for doing the work. They however say that they don’t want words, they want action. Completely frustrated, the residents of Sector 28, Vashi opine that their corporator Usha Bhoir has completely neglected their sector. The biggest disappointment of residents of ward no. 45 from their corporator Usha Bhoir has been her failure to keep her word on the open nullah that passes through the sector. Voters still remember how Usha Bhoir – as the NCP candidate in NMMC Elections 2005 had promised residents relief from the pollution and diseases creating a havoc for residents due to the open nullah. Despite terming covering of the nullah as her first priority, Usha Bhoir failed miserably in doing so. The stink from the nullah and mosquitoes has been hassling the residents for years now. And it’s not just the dirtiness of the area bothering the residents but even the chemical residue and smell of the nullah has angered them. For this reason, residents also claim about health problems, which is directly seen affecting the health of senior citizens and children. When we met Usha Bhoir she said that nullah work would be taken under nullah vision and tossed the responsibility of automobile encroachment and illegal food stalls on the administration. Usha Bhoir claims satisfaction on the work she has done in five years, even though she does accept that she could not keep all her promises for one reason or the other. Even when Usha Bhoir belongs to the party the ruling front in NMMC, it’s a wonder why failed to keep her promises. May be that’s why residents of the ward, like most wards in Navi Mumbai have the same complaint with their corporator – that she comes to them only for votes during election. Looks like for Usha Bhoir her five-year tenure seemed to be insufficient to fulfill her election promises. While her fate will be decided by the voters of her ward, her poor performance report might make it a rough ride for her in NMMC elections 2010. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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