Ratna-vishwas-rao-3In our series “Your ward, Your Corporator”, Nilofar Shaikh visited ward no. 51 in Vashi to bring to you the ward report of NCP Corporator Ratna Vishwasrao. Read further to know what citizens have to say about this corporator in her performance report card. OCTOBER, 2008 In October 2008 the pandits of the 20-year-old Hanuman temple were allegedly beaten up by NCP party worker Mukund Vishwasrao – husband of NCP corporator from ward no. 51 at Vashi Ratna Vishwasrao. Locals had informed that Mukund Vishwasrao had allegedly tried to extort money from the pandit and when he refused he was allegedly beaten. OCTOBER, 2008 After this in another shameful incident for the NCP, Mukund Vishwasrao and 5 of his accomplices had blackened NMMC Water Supply’s Executive Engineer Sanjay Desai’s face. Shocked NMMC officials stopped all work in protest and filed a police complaint against NCP’s Mukund Vishwasrao. The police later arrested him and sent him to NMMC Hospital. Reliable sources reveal that NCP’s Mukund Vishwasrao was drunk at the time of visiting NMMC and had absconded from the hospital. These two incidents are enough to give you a hint of what to expect in the progress report of NCP Corporator from ward no. 51 Ratna Vishwasrao. From garbage problem to dog menace, broken pavements, open electric DP boxes and over head wires – NCP Corporator Ratna Vishwasrao’s ward has all the problems that makes lives of residents a civic nightmare. When we met residents it looked as if the civic problems they faced were never ending. It begins with basic problem of garbage. Then there is the problem of dog menace that haunts citizens. Besides dog menace, even mosquito menace is a problem. Even the garden in the area is poorly maintained. Even the roads and gutters need repair work. The overhead wires too pose as a threat. Residents say that at times there have been short circuits because of open wires. And while these are the basic civic amenities that the locals say their corporator Ratna Vishwasaro failed to provide, another alert woman activist of the ward gave us a list other shocking cases of neglect and even violations by the corporator. She pointed out that the renovated NMMC’s Manisha Vidyalaya’s name has been changed and the school is now named after the father in law of the corporator. She said even the assurance of the corporator to provide galas to women savings group in the center being built by NMMC opposite the ward office was a farce. She adds that their corporator has failed the residents of the wards on all fronts. Making another shocking expose of the high handedness of their corporator, she alleged that even the gymnasium built by NMMC in the ward is being run by the corporator as if it were her property. When we spoke with local NCP Corporator Ratna Vishwasrao, she said that she was satisfied with the work she had done. She added that she frequently visited her ward and met with the residents to solve their issues. While, this is what the corporator claimed, the residents informed that she was never available for them nor did she visited her ward except at the time of elections. If you hear these utterly disappointed and frustrated residents’ opinion on their corporator’s progress report card, then there’s no denying that the public verdict is that NCP Corporator from ward no. 51 Ratna Vishwasrao has more than “just failed” to do justice to the civic issues of tax paying citizens in her ward. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Nilofar Shaikh for NMTV News.

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