jayaji-nath-Time now for a report from our series “Your Ward, Your Corporator” – this time NMTV Correspondent Monika Bhosale visited ward no. 84 at CBD Belapur – a ward that is represented by one of the veteran corporators of the NCP – Dr. Jayaji Nath. Dr. Nath has won elections from this ward for three consecutive terms and in this tenure was also the Chairman of NMMC Standing Committee for a year. Take a look the progress report card of Dr. Jayaji Nath – NCP Corporator from Ward No. 84 Dr. Jayaji Nath. When you visit the ward of a corporator who’s been a public representative at NMMC for almost 15 years, your expectations about his performance are bound to be sky high. And when such a corporator has also donned the role of the Chairman of NMMC Standing Committee for a year – you expect a little more. So; does NCP Corporator Dr. Jayaji Nath’s ward no. 84 in CBD Belapur live up to these expectations? Let’s find out. The first things that citizens of the ward informed us were the lack of basic civic essentials in the ward – most footpaths are reeling under pathetic conditions, lids of gutters are missing, the ones that are there are broken and some footpaths have steel coming out of them. Another major civic issue that plagues the ward is mosquito menace. As citizens informed, there seems to be lack of fumigation and spraying in the ward on one side while dogs menace is another issue that haunts the locals for years. The ward also has gardens – one situated in the center of the residential colonies. A look at the garden shows that it has not been maintained. Locals informed that besides ill maintenance, the bigger worry for them is that the garden has become a safe haven for anti social elements including drug peddlers. There are reports that even school children have their own parties at the garden and find it safe to smoke here. The other garden in the ward has unchecked encroachment. On the other side of the ward, right outside the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium – conditions couldn’t have been more deplorable. The vegetable market here is perhaps the worst area of the ward with poor and even filthy conditions plaguing it. The roads at the market are reeling under poor conditions and the stink at the public toilet speaks for itself about that its maintenance has been neglected for years. The community center area is in ruins too. Roads are bad and evidently it’s the NMMC own health dept. situated within the community center that is messing up the locality as medicines packets are strewn on roads and footpaths. Other issues that are on the grievance list of citizens are the open nallahs and open electric boxes that can even be fatal considering that they are in areas where there is intense movement of school students. Illegal hawkers on the other hand have encroached upon roads, adding up to traffic chaos. The way the hawkers dot the roads could prove to be a hindrance for the movement of fire brigade vehicles if a fire was to occur. And perhaps the biggest failure of Dr. Jayaji Nath as corporator of ward no. 84 for 15 years is the shifting of the truck terminal. Who does not remember the bhumi-pujan of a truck terminal adjacent to Konkan Bhavan in December 2004- that was a couple of months before the last municipal elections. The then Mayor Sanjeev Naik had performed the bhumi – pujan even as Dr. Nath promised that residents woes with truck drivers would end as soon as the truck terminal at Konkan Bhavan area was ready. But the promises and assurances seems to have fallen flat on their faces as truckers menace continues to haunts residents of ward no. 84 even after more than 5 years to the bhumi pujan. And while Dr. Nath boasts of getting the stadium in his ward, citizens give it thumbs down. After taking his report from citizens of the ward, we met Dr. Jayaji Nath. The NCP corporator blamed the citizens of his ward for the conditions of the stadium. For all the major grievances of the ward, Dr. Nath said that the administration was responsible. And as far as the dogs menace is concerned, he gave a rather out-of-the-box justification. In fact, Dr. Nath firmly believes that he has executed 99% of the promised work in his ward. Unfortunately, the citizens beg to differ with Dr. Nath on his performance reports. Some even openly said that this time, they’d vote for change. Given a time period of 15 years of his corporatorship, Dr. Jayaji Nath’s performance report shows that he has been unable to do justice to the issues of his ward. Perhaps that’s why in the recent assembly elections, NCP Supremo Ganesh Naik himself faced the setback of Dr. Nath poor work report as NCP got lesser votes from the ward. There’s no denying – the public verdict is a thumbs down for the progress report card of NCP Corporator from Ward No. 84 Dr. Jayaji Nath. With camerapersons Abhay Prasad and Vinayak Dalvi, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.


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