kondiba-tikoneIn our series “Your Ward, Your Corporator” today we bring to you a report from ward no. 37 Koperkhairane whose corporator is NCP’s Kondiba Tikone. The condition of this ward exposes the negligence of NMMC contractors and dereliction of duty by administration. Monika Bhosale reports that spending lakhs of tax payers’ money in the name of de-silting and cleaning of gutters and fumigation, mosquito menace and health hazards are at their worst in Kondiba Tikone’s ward. De-silting and cleaning of gutters and construction and reconstruction of footpaths in Ward No. 37, Koperkhairane seem to have become permanent feature haunting citizens of this ward. In the name of these civic works, contractors of NMMC demonstrate negligence more often than not as most gutters in the ward do not have lids. Besides these repair work, one can see half dug roads as well. Even on the main roads of the ward, the area around the drainage in dug in such a way that it is posing as a health threat for locals and passer bys. Often, garbage is dumped in these open gutters that obstruct free flow of water. Evidently water stagnation leads to breeding of mosquitoes. A look at these open gutters also exposes that despite spending tax payers’ money in the name of de-silting and cleaning work, dirt and filth line the gutters. From liquor bottles to domestic garbage – one can find everything inside the gutters. This has become the root cause for mosquito menace in ward. No. 37, Koperkhairane. On the other hand, fumigation is only flying out mosquitoes from gutters to homes, say frustrated citizens. Some citizens also alleged that the gutters were not de-silted or cleaned at all. Some locals also informed that since the sewerage lines are connected to the city drains and gutters, sewerage water is also flowing through gutters causing health hazards. On the other hand, sitting unperturbed the situation of mosquito menace outside, the local corporator of NCP Kondiba Tikone gave lame excuses for failing to ensure that basic cleaning work was done in the ward due to which health hazards loom over the ward throughout the year. In the vicious circle of negligence by the local corporator, lakhs of public taxes seem to be going down the drain in the name of de-silting and cleaning of gutters and fumigation in ward no. 37, Koperkhairane. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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