turbe-village-6Your ward ! Your Corporator’s performance ! is a Good Governance Initiative of your channel to bring to you every authentic information that will make you an enlightened voter ahead of Navi Mumbai Municipal Elections 2010. Today in this series we bring to you a report from Turbhe village that has been in the reign of fear of one family for decades. From the grampanchayat years to the establishment of NMMC, Turbhe village has identified with reign of only one family – the Patils. Late Corporators D R Patil and Bholanath Patil earlier were the corporators from the village. After their demise, late D R Patil’s wife Babytai Patil, his son Vivek Patil and his brother Chandrakant Patil were elected corporators from Turbhe village. Late D R Patil during his prime time was the Panchayat Samiti’s head and when NMMC was formed he became a corporator. Turbhe’s Railway Yard, Ganesh Nagar, Hanuman Nagar, Mathadi Colony and APMC area were considered to be the stronghold of the Patil family. At that time D R Patil was considered as one of the powerful leaders of Navi Mumbai who had always challenged Ganesh Naik in Navi Mumbai. When he passed away, his family members too accepted Ganesh Naik’s leadership. But neither the political hold nor changing political equations have done anything to bring progress to Turbhe village. It’s always been alleged that the Patils play a key role in the rings that plague the tender system for bagging civic contracts. However this has never spelt any development for Turbhe village. And no has ever complained about the lack of civic amenities or initiatives to better life in Turbhe village, for there is fear in minds of the locals who dread speaking against the reigning Patil family. Evidently locals refrained from accepting this on camera though one local did confess that unless the Patils say, nothing happens in Turbhe village. Year after year, the fear never reflected in the voting pattern as the Patils continued to be elected as the corporators. And perhaps knowing that no one can challenge their might in the village, the Patils never brought any amenities Turbhe village. Senior citizens informed NMTV News that they do not have any center for entertainment. Turbhe has a large number of fisherfolk but even this community has been neglected. These are just two of the many factors that plague development of Turbhe Village. In our series to come we’ll bring to you other major factors and issues that haunts Turbhe village. Stay tuned to “”Your ward ! Your Corporator’s performance !” A NMTV Good Governance Initiative to know what these issues of Turbhe village that compels one to question whether “New leadership is the only solution for progress of Turbhe Village?” NMTV will only bring to you the issues but the final call is yours. If you are satisfied with your corporator “vote for stability” if not, change them in Navi Mumbai Municipal Elections 2010. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.


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