buildingThe month of June marks World Environment Day and its time to do some homework on how we can better the damage that man is doing to nature. It’s in this new age and usage of shine and shimmer, when we need to that the comfort we are living in is costing our nature big time. One of the main segments that play an important role towards preserving our nature is that of the construction and housing sector. The centre has been issuing new rules and regulations to ensure energy efficiency but at the grass root level this is not being implemented. The construction and housing sector may get a tad greener by the end of next year as the government has decided to make it mandatory for new buildings to undertake energy efficient measures, rainwater harvesting and use recycled construction material in parts under the sustainable habitat mission of the National Action Plan on Climate Change. At present, there are several norms that exist for energy efficiency and water harvesting and are implemented with variance across different cities. Builders of the satellite city have welcomed such measures and even stated that it is the need of the hour. Prominent Builder Suresh Haware informed that there are many environment friendly materials that can be used by builders to conserve energy. Even Progressive group’s Director Devang Trivedi stated that environment friendly building should be made mandatory. They also stated that rain harvesting was a very simple process but awareness was much needed. However, past experiences raises the question about implementation of the Centre’s rule as even today materials used for construction of a building in the city is anti-environment and anti energy efficiency. One of them being the use of glass in buildings, commercial complexes and the ever-mushrooming malls. Glass walls let in more solar heat and their interiors have to be centrally air-conditioned to regulate temperature, say professors. Everywhere around Navi Mumbai, huge malls, hotels and corporates are going by what can be termed as the latest trend – having glass facades to give constructions an elite look and feel. But what has still not been brought under check is the price that the city has to pay for this for structures made of glass consume at least 4 times more energy than conventional brick buildings. What’s more Glass walls also pose serious concerns for the environment, as glass buildings are major contributors to global warming. Besides this, with no circulation of fresh air, the air in malls is unhealthy due to low levels of oxygen. It’s the month when every citizen of the community needs to think of what we can do to better environment. In this context it is very vital that the concern of the rising number of glass building be addressed. These lightweight glass buildings, become very hot in a extreme weather like ours, and require to be cooled mechanically unlike stone or brick buildings that are pro-environment. But these are factors that need priority focus by authorities at large. Unfortunately, the manner in which such glass structures are coming up almost in every node in the city, grave situations of power crisis and health looms over the city. With Kala Jadhav, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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