standing-commAfter the General Body, the NMMC Standing Committee too witnessed a lot of drama by the opposition. Congress corporator Dashrath Bhagat, threw the agenda, flung the mike and hurled the chair on the table as a proposal he demanded had not been tabled at the Standing Committee meeting. While his conduct was an insult to the sacredness of the house, Dashrath Bhagat justified his behaviour by accusing the NCP led NMMC of conspiring against him. He threw the agenda, flung the mike and hurled the chair. Congress corporator Dashrath Bhagat was all fury and anger in this week’s Standing Committee meeting. In an act that insulted the sacredness of the house and the sanctity of the Standing Committee meeting, Dashrath Bhagat demonstrated his anger in a rather violent way. The drama started when the standing committee was hearing the proposal of the beautification of a garden at Nerul. Dashrath Bhagat argued that in the earlier held standing committee meeting, he was assured that his demand for a garden at Sector 13 Sanpada would be tabled in the meeting within 14 days but the proposal was still not brought before the committee. He questioned why the administration was not bringing in his proposal and alleged that the NCP led NMMC was purposely not allowing proposals of his ward to come in the Standing Committee. In the midst of the argument that followed between the NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Anant Sutar and Dashrath Bhagat over the issue, Dashrath Bhagat threw the agenda, flung the mike and hurled the chair and walked out of the meeting. Speaking to the media, Dashrath Bhagat reiterated his allegations. When he was questioned that by staging a walkout, wasn’t the opposition missing out on discussing and deliberating on the other important civic proposals that are tabled in the meetings, he said that he had been respecting the standing committee for so long but now it was too much. Speaking to NMTV News, NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Anant Sutar expressed that there was no need for the drama that Dashrath Bhagat created and called it a publicity stunt. On the allegations made against NCP by Dashrath Bhagat, Anant Sutar said that Bhagat was not looking at public interest but personal interest in this particular proposal. In the end, amidst the huge drama, 20 civic proposals were approved by the Standing Committee. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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