sunil-sutar-2NMMC Elections 2010 will see a host of new faces who will contest the elections. NMTV News will introduce these contestants and their profiles to you. We begin this series with a candidate who is all set to contest the municipal elections from Vashi village. He’s NCP’s Sunil Sutar – a young, educated and enthusiastic candidate all set to enter the public service domain with municipal elections 2010. He’s young, he’s educated, he’s a businessman well settled in his professional and personal life – and now he is all geared up to become one of the young entrants in politics that the nation often talks about. Meet Sunil Sutar – aspiring NCP contestant from Vashi village who is now interested in serving the public. Sunil hails from a family of natives of Navi Mumbai who have well established businesses in the city since decades. Elder son of city resident Krishna Sutar – Sunil is a BCom graduate from Karmveer Bhaurao Patil College at Vashi. Soon after completing his graduation, Sunil joined his father’s business and today shoulders all family responsibilities with him. Being hardcore followers of NCP leader Ganesh Naik, Sunil has been a party worker of the NCP for decades. He has worked in the shadow of the leadership of Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik, MP Dr. Sanjeev Naik and MLA Sandeep Naik. Having experienced grass root working of the NCP, Sunil is all set to now enter the public service domain. He is an aspirant NCP candidate to contest from Vashi village. Sunil’s father has silently been an active social worker in the city. On the decision of his son to join the race to corporatorship, his father said that the work he has done will back Sunil in these elections. Sunil mother who has been the support system of the family shared the qualities of her son with us. She says that Sunil is a hard working boy and said that as a mother she expects him to work even harder to make his identity as a social worker in the city. For brother Arun Sutar, Sunil was always a friend and now that he will contest elections, Arun says he’ll go all the way to support Sunil in his new innings. Sunil’s wife Bindiya Sutar says that she takes pride in being Sunil’s wife for the sheer qualities of serving the public that she has seen in Sunil. And when we were interacting with the family, we thought of speaking to the star of Sunil and Bindiya’s eyes – Ronit. As a child, Ronit shares that despite being busy his father has always made it a point to spend time with him. Sunil’s friends can’t wait for the official declaration of Sunil’s candidature so that they can start working for him. Sharing the qualities they have seen in Sunil, his friends say that even without being on any post of power, Sunil was there for any problem of anyone round the clock. And finally we met Sunil Sutar. Sunil says that just like the Naik family he too wants to walk the step of grass root public work. Sunil says that MLA Sandeep Naik is his ideal. Sunil has closely studied the problems of Vashi village and lists a few he wants to address. Sunil says that being educated helps him understand the intricacies of public issues. And when education meets experience, then you can be successful in politics. Locals of Vashi village are already giving a warm welcome to Sunil’s decision of entering the race to become their corporators. Looking at Sunil Sutar, it can be easily said that Navi Mumbai is set for change of leadership in NMMC and look like the old and illiterate will be phased out by the young and educated in NMMC Elections 2010. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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