help-center-inaug-1The Regional Income Tax Dept. has inaugurated a help center at the Vashi Infotech Park. The help center was inaugurated at the hands of Zora Singh Klar – The Commissioner of Income Tax in the presence Income Tax Commissioner Appeal – Daya Shankar and Addtl. Income Tax Commissioner Syed Shajahan. The Income Tax Help Center at tower 6, Vashi Railway Station has been inaugurated with the aim of reaching out to the small tax payers. The center is a part of a unique scheme that has been started by the Income Tax Dept. to become small tax payer friendly. In his addressal, Addtl. Income Tax Officer Syed Shahjahan said that small tax payers have many inhibitions about paying taxes, hence they decided to start a help center here. Income Tax Commissioner Zora Singh Klar said that the help center will address the queries of small tax payers like how much tax is to be paid, where it has to be paid, which bank, what is the rate and the likes. He said that very often small tax payers do not approach tax consultants as the latter charge fees for any consultation on tax and they do not approach the income tax dept. due to the fear of paying tax. Hence, to reach out to such tax payers, the help centers will bridge the communication gap between there department and the tax payers. Income Tax Commissioner Appeal – Daya Shankar said that they hoped to reach out to maximum small tax payers during till the help center is operational at the Vashi Railway Station. The Help Center will be open till the 15th of August and tax payers can approach for all their queries between 2pm to 6pm.

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