quitter1It is very rarely that NMMC completes its work on time and that too with good quality. And a fine example is the development work being carried out in Koperkhairane. For months poor quality construction work for a gutter is being carried out here which has led to accidents of many. Residents stated that they are facing so many problems but NMMC is doing nothing about it. Every development work carried out by NMMC is either delayed or incomplete or of poor quality. Speaking of quality, NMMC might claim that it is good at what it does but in reality the only thing it seems to be good at is fleecing public funds. Three months back NMMC had started digging work at a middle class residential area called as the pocket at sec 10 of Koperkhairane. Work has been so slow that it has inconvenienced the locals. The work is not just incomplete but of poor quality. Just after a month, the gutter has started to deteriorate. With no security many children have been hurt falling in the space. The incomplete work has also affected shop owners who have put a plank of wood to cross over. Angered locals stated that once NMMC has its share of percentage, it forgets how the work is being developed. While construction work is started by corporators in their respective wards in lieu of elections, they fail to take up follow ups of the work. This is not the first time that NMMC contractors’ poor management has come to light but still NMMC fails to do anything. With cameraperson Dyaneshwar Mali, Archana Tripathi for NMTV News.


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