narayan-raneIndustries Minister Narayan Rane is drafting a comprehensive action plan for the revival of closed and sick small, medium and large-scale industrial units across the state. However, this is not the first time that the sick belt is being promised an industrial township raising doubts whether it will be a reality or is the announcement just a political stunt. This is not the first time that an Industries Minister is promising an industrial township to the sick TTC MIDC Belt. Even in the past promises made by the state and politicians have painted pictures of the Thane Belapur Industries attaining an Industrial Township but all promises have always been hollow. Prior to Narayan Rane it was former Industries Minister and present Chief Minister Ashok Chavan who was seen giving assurances to industrialists. The only hurdle at that time seemed to be coming from objections from NMMC that stand to loose nearly 60% revenue if an industrial township is formed. However, at that time Ashok Chavan had even set aside this as being an obstacle. He had further thrown light on making a policy decision for the Thane Belapur Belt. It’s been three years to the failed assurances of former Industries Minister Ashok Chavan that now the present Industries Minister Narayan Rane is promising an industrial township to the sick Thane Belapur Industrial Belt. According to official records, 10,452 small and medium units, involving an investment of Rs 1,100 crore, 70,000 jobs and 93 large units with an investment of Rs 1,350 crore and 20,000 jobs, were either sick or closed. In order to revive the sick industries at the Thane Belapur Industrial Belt, there is a definite need of relieving the belt of dual governance of MIDC and NMMC and forming an industrial township, something that industrialists have been demanding for years. But despite the demands of industrialists, the state has until now been ignoring the formation of an industrial township for the Thane Belapur Industrial Belt. Narayan Rane’s announcement revives hope but with elections round the corner, whether the state is serious of fulfilling its promise is doubtful more so as this could just be a stunt to counter attack the growing agitation of Shiv Sena against closure of industries and unemployment. Sena leaders have been promising revival of both if they are voted to power. If Narayan Rane’s assurance does not turn out to be a political stunt only to score politically and an industrial township is formed, then 3,500 industrial will be freed from legal red tapism. This will also boost the employment opportunities for skilled workers without any political interference and infuse life into the once known Golden Belt of Asia ! Sana Warsia – NMTV News.

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