Negligence by the Pollution Control Board has resulted in the dying of lakhs of fishes at the creeks of Kharghar. The dumping of chemical waste near the creek at Gharkul Society is not just polluting the environment but the rotten fishes are further resulting in many diseases in the area. Massive dumping of chemical waste is being dumped at the creek near Spagetti at Kharghar by Kriyambit Chemical Company. This dumping has led to the killing of many fishes in the creek. And it’s not just the fishes, but the smell of the dead fishes and the other fauna life that is polluting the environment and spreading diseases affecting the residents of the nearby Gharkul society. Navi Mumbai is facing a high increase in environment pollution and the one board, the Pollution Control Board has failed to take any measures to control it. Alleged corruption prevailing in the department has led to this open dumping of chemical wastes. The dumping has killed lakhs of fishes in the creek water but fishermen are still seen catching fishes from this same disintegrating creek only for their livelihood. When our team quested the fishermen as to what they do with these dead fishes, they said that they sell them. And it is not just in Kharghar, but nodes like Vashi, Nerul, Ghansoli and Airoli are too facing the same issue while the Pollution Control Board is sitting mute to this illegal dumping and destruction of environment. There is a need to check the workings of the chemical companies otherwise who would be held responsible when not just the fauna but even humans life are being put to risk. With cameraperson Rohit, Sudhir Sharma for Navi Mumbai News.

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