mango-1The king of fruits mangoes has come to the market but the initial produce that has arrived has disappointed mango lovers with reports of mangoes being infested with diseases. Summer is here and mango lovers have been waiting for mangoes to arrive to the Agriculture Produce Market Committee so that they can begin their indulgence with the king of fruits. Unfortunately, mango lovers are in for a disappointment because the production of mangoes has been low this year due to the spread of a particular disease that has infested mangoes in the Konkan region. Due to this even the prices of mangoes have dipped as compared to last year but despite the attractive, the vendors are not seeing a good crowd of buyers. On the other hand the other summer fruit watermelons are doing as bad as compared to mangoes. Nearly 25-20 trucks of watermelons are entering the state from Tamil Nadu, Punjab and Gujarat. Despite the low production, the watermelons are on a steady sale. Water melons are a healthy source of natural energy rich in vitamin B needed to produce energy in the body. They are good for the eye. And for those who are constantly worried about weight gain, this fruit is low in calories and high on water content. So while you might have to wait for good mangoes produce to hit the market, you can still relish the juicy water melons until then. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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