fashan-show-5For the first time, the International Institute of Fashion Design is holding a fashion show in Navi Mumbai. The show to be held in Palm Beach galleria on September 6 is to introduce the main concept of fashion Splashing vibrancy, joyful colours shimmering silks and much more. The International Institute of Fashion Design for the first time is holding its own Fashion Show called “I Fashion Electra 2009”. The reason behind holding this fashion show is because the institute has become the official knowledge partner for Lakhme Fashion Week. The fashion show is being held on September 6 at Palm Beach galleria Vashi. Informing about the fashion show, Manpreet Dang Manaktala the centre head said that the designs outlined more for practicality. The fashion show would include themes with the traditional Indian collection, contemporary, fusion and funky. Manpreet says that the main objective behind holding this fashion show was to highlight what all goes into fashion from the designing to the stitching. The event will also see Gagan Arya, a model who has done a cameo in the movie Sarkar, as the chief guest apart from having dance performances. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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