tilakSchools are the temples of wisdom and knowledge and teachers are the dynamic force of the school. It is here that a child learns the basic ethics and morals of life. The very sanctity and peace of this temple was disrupted at Tilak Education Society’s Shrimati Shraddha Kurup Education Complex, Ghansoli where the school administrator was beaten up by parents. The school had to face the brunt of such inhumanity because of fee hike. Parents’ protests have been seen time and again, be it on fee hikes. But the most disturbing colors of these protests have been that they look politically instigated to a large extent and in some cases there also have been use of such language and behavior, that it compels one to question whether parents’ protests against schools are setting the wrong examples of culture and value in a civilized society. Infact, schools are known as the temple of wisdom and knowledge with teachers a dynamic force of the school. It is here the child learns the morals and ethics of life. However, in a unfortunate incident, the very sanctity of schools and teachers was violated by children’s parents themselves when they attacked the administrator of Tilak Education Society’s Shrimati Shraddha Kurup Education Complex, Ghansoli. The school administrator Narayan Nair was beaten by nearly 10 parents mercilessly as the parents were against the fee hike by school. Narayan Nair was injured so badly that he has been admitted in the hospital. Recalling the incident, a shocked teacher informed that these 10 parents had time again held protest since the beginning of the year but today their protest went violent. In fact, the parents forcefully entered the premises and even threatened the teachers. It is rather unfortunate that in a country known world over for Gandhian thoughts of non-violence, love and peace – parents are protesting against the temples of knowledge in offensive and abusive style destroying the very foundations of moral and value-building days for young minds. With cameraperson Deepak Kamble, Bureau report for NMTV News.

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