elders-day-1To help and cater to the needs of elders, World Elders Day also called as International Senior Citizens Day is celebrated across the country. However, unfortunately today senior citizens feel both neglected and abandoned by the society and the government, which has failed to provide them with adequate help and assistance at this age. Old age is often described as second childhood, when people crave for attention and help. The aim of celebrating senior citizen day is to enhance the approach of the Central and the state governments towards the welfare of the old age pensioners. Seminars are organized, policies and various other measures are taken to support the older generation of the country. It is also celebrated to wake up all those younger citizens who have neglected their responsibilities toward their aged parents as well as grand parents. Most of the parents are leading lonely lives and nobody is to look after them. On this day, some of the senior citizens of the city too shared their grievance and neglect that they face in the society and the state’s failed policies which never reach them. There are many senior citizens in our country who are homeless, without income with many physical disabilities and ailments due to the age factor. Hence, it is the responsibility of not just the Government to provide all possible assistance but also of we, the younger generation, to help them survive the tough world today. Bureau report – NMTV

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