womens-challengesWomen’s Day – a day to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of ordinary women. But while we celebrate the gains women have made over the years, we must also bring to our attention the issues that still face us. At a time when the most significant posts of power in the country are adorned by power, there are several challenges women of the nation still face. If we had to write about the achievements of Indian women, the list of records could create a record for the sheer numbers. But to name a few take a look at where the Indian women have reached, these women are shining examples – President Pratibha Patil, Congress President Sonia Gandhi, Delhi Chief Minister Shiela Dixit, UP Chief Minister Mayawati, Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundara Raje Scindia, the nation’s first IPS Kiran Bedi, astronaut Kalpana Chawla, Lata Mangeshkar, Sania Mirza – they are all women known for outstanding achievements and make role models. But if studied – the Indian Women lives a life of absolute contrast. If on one side, the nation saw the national flag being unfurled at the hands of the first woman President, on the other side it sees the failure of every women and senior citizen scheme in this sight. If on one side we feel the pride to see women in uniform, on the other side the country sees increased and shocking cases of women molestation. If on one side we happening young women on the other side are those who are fighting everyday to their survival, their children’s survival.. A common sight outside shopping malls are women walking away with things that make life simple and on the other side are women who practice prostitution to earn their bread and butter. Not surprisingly, these concerns reflect in the statistics as well : * More than 50% women are illiterate * There are more than 5 lakh women cases of dowry deaths and dowry harassment every year * More than 92% of women labors work in unorganized sector * Female foeticide has brought the ratio to 763: 1000 * Higher percentage of girls in child labour * Over a lakh women work in dance bars in Mumbai * Thousands of women go abroad reportedly for prostitution * The nation’s capital witnesses 1 woman exploitation every one hour. Such is the ignorance level in the poor Indian women that they do not know who Pratibha Patil, Sonia Gandhi or other Indian women achievers are? If these women do not know anything about the nation’s republic day and independence, what will they ever know about women rights, acts, schemes or policies? This is a mockery of the fact that the nation has seen so many women in power over the last few years; on positions where they could have made all the difference. There biggest failure perhaps is that the 33% women reservation bill still remains a bill. Unfortunately all this compels one to think – when they had the opportunity; women in power failed the women community at large. With Rajeev Mishra, Zeba Warsia for NMTV News.


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