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Iran Disturbing the Leaders Worldwide by Hiding Nuclear Information

Although Iran is denying the fact of making deadly nuclear weapons, the leaders around the world hold sufficient information and evidence against Iran. The inspectors of United Nations submitted reports of Iran’s activities revolving around the creation of deadly nuclear weapons and the fact that they had been hiding their nuclear vessels where they carry out their tests for developing nuclear weapons, from the inspectors have arise concerned questions against them.

According to the United Nations if Iran does not disclose its nuclear secret openly, possibility of strict actions would be taken against them as now the matter is concerned with the welfare of the people worldwide, which could be effected because of Iran’s activities of building of warheads.

Iran is still standing its grounds claiming that the evidence against them is all planned and that if it would be required, it’s strong enough to face any kind of military threat. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV.

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